TokyoMTG & Magic Artists = New Possibilities for Magic Art

【TokyoMTG Collab Special Giclée】 New works of MTG Art created in collaboration between TokyoMTG and Magic Artists. So enjoy these special digital prints brought to life by the hands of the actual artist!

"I want more people to enjoy the wonders of Magic art. I also want the artists to experience more joy through their art.", the owner of TokyoMTG, Heiko Schmidt regarding Special Giclée. This is the idea that birthed these special works of art.

These works have been specially produced under the supervision of the artist themselves in order to maximize the charm of the original piece.

Most art in Magic is made for the purpose of being displayed on a card; and adjustments are necessary to fit the piece on a real card. Cards have a specific framework, which is shared between various different card games. So it's not uncommon for the art to be expressed in a way totally different from the artist's original.

The art comes first with TokyoMTG Collab Special Giclée, and they're made to express art the way the artists intended them to.

TokyoMTG Collab Special Giclée are digital prints made using the latest printing technology with exceptional materials and paper stock. An inlaid foiling process that captures the light and texture of real metal, works to enhance the beauty and grace of the original piece.

The main point is that each piece is deftly edited by the actual artist themselves, to give each piece a life of its own. The artists spend their precious time on each piece, giving a uniqueness to each finished product. So grab yourself a true, one-of-a-kind piece of art today!

The frame is an essential element in bringing out the best in art.

Each individual frame is in a style that best suits the piece it contains. Each frame has been diligently selected by the owner of Japan's lead Magic art dealing company, TokyoMTG, to bring out the best in each of these magnificent pieces.

Each piece comes signed by the artist with it's own individual limited product number. These works are of a limited quantity, only available through TokyoMTG and will not be reproduced.