What is the TokyoMTG Online booth?

Join us online for a comfortable home away from home.

The online booth is live streaming content provided by us that allows you to enjoy Magic even more, with the casual atmosphere of TokyoMTG as if you were in the store with us having a chat.

During the livestream, you can purchase special limited edition items, special price items, open packs with us, or choose how else to enjoy with us by interacting in chat.

We stream live on Youtube every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday starting at 9pm.

Click here for our archived past streams!


We'll offer different types of themes for each day, and will post the themes in advance!

* Streaming content and themes are subject to change.

Wednesday ... Art Day

Chat with the staff about the infinite fun of Magic Art through the sale and introduction of art prints and the current hot topics surrounding MTG Art.

We will also often showcase special art such as originals, from cards you might be familiar with!

Friday ... Free day

We'll host a day where we can share in our enjoyment of all things Magic, such as opening new products, playing games, and more!

Sunday ... Entertainment Day

We reserve Sunday to introduce you to our interesting projects like interviews with special guests or opening of extremely rare and high-priced packs!

<About opening packs>

The staff will open the pack you purchased live on-stream!

In the latter half of the stream, we set up an opening screen to open packs purchased during the stream. We will include a little gift together with the product when you've ordered, to those who decided to open packs on-stream with us!

In addition, during special events, we regularly hold giveaways that you can be eligible for by joining the discussion, or when a specific card is pulled from a pack that's being opened!

[Details for pack opening requests]

・ If you wish, please include the fact that you wish to open the booster pack on your behalf and the name that you'd like us to call on stream in the notes section of the order.

・ In order to confirm payment live during the stream, we are only able to accept Paypal as a payment method. If you wish to receive it at the store, please pay the price to tokyomtg@paypal.com.

・ Please refrain from making inquiries regarding the results of opening.

<About Collaborating with TokyoMTG>

At the TokyoMTG online booth, we are looking for other streamers, video makers, and other influencers to collaborate with, so please let us know if that's something you'd be interested in!

For collaboration requests and inquiries, please use the contact form.

* Please note that if we're only able to respond to collaboration requests if we determine we are able to collaborate with you.

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