What is TokyoMTG?

Founded in 2014, TokyoMTG has become the go-to international Magic: The Gathering store in Japan, with the most diverse community of people gathered from around the world.

"Magic: The Gathering", abbreviated as MTG, is the most popular card game in the world, and the inspiration behind our company name TokyoMTG.

Our focus has always been on creating a comfortable, accepting and culturally diverse environment for everyone - that's what sets us apart from the crowd.

Our store is located in Suidobashi, in the heart of Tokyo and is a location easily accessible for everyone. Being in a big city can be a lonely endeavor, we want to be there for you, to give you a place you can call home.

Our mission is to connect the world through the greatest communication tool out there, Magic: The Gathering.

In-store you can of course buy all the cards and supplies you need, but you can also sell cards and hang out with our staff! You can also play in our many tournaments, interact with the amazing people in our community and also join our various art events! Also feel free to stop by and just chill in our lounge like you would at any sort of cafe!

So stop on by and stay for a spell.

Business Hours

・Monday-Friday: 5PM to 10PM

・Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays: 1PM to 9:30PM

* Please check twitter for Holiday updates

For Everybody's Safety

・We ask everybody who visits the store or uses our play space to wash their hands before doing so

・Facial masks are required to be worn at all times during your visit of the store

・We ask anybody visiting the store to keep a safe distance from each other and staff members

・Please refrain from touching other people's cards. Only shuffle your own deck. At TokyoMTG, we do not enforce competitive play, and we kindly ask all of our players to not insist on strict rules outside of game mechanics, such as cutting each other's decks.

・Please understand that windows at the store will be open at all times to allow for proper ventilation.

・Staff members may ask you to cooperate with disinfecting tables or your hands. We kindly ask you to cooperate with these requests.