TokyoMTG's Proxy/Agency Service


TokyoMTG will provide a service to support overseas shopping from Japan!

Only we can do it!

Let's work together and find the goods and products you want, in a safe and secure way!

・ I want a product from overseas, but I'm worried about overseas payments or shipping...

・ I'm looking for a rare or valuable card or item, and I can't seem to find it in Japan...

・ There's an original piece of Magic art I want to get, but I don't know how to go about doing so...

Our Agency and Search services are perfect for such people!

<Buying on your behalf>

・ MTG Cards, original art purchases, ordering, art/card framing services

・ We'll handle everything until the order is completed

・ Full warranty for any trouble that might arise during an order process

<Transaction Flow>

<Search service>

Please use the search service when you are looking for a very specific item!

Make use of our many industry connections to find the product or collectable that you are looking for!

<Search Service Flow>

➀ Let us know what you want, and we can discuss with you whether or not it's an item we can search for with the person in charge.

➁ Confirmation of your budget and we will take to track the item down.

➂ We'll begin reaching out to our connections to locate the item once deposit is paid.

➃ If a product is found within the period: We will handle the transaction and purchase as normal.

⑤ If the product is not found within the time period: We will fully refund the deposit.

<About charges>

・ We will propose the product price based on the information you've provided.

・ The product price includes shipping, customs fees, and exchange fees.

・ 50% of the item price is required up front for deposit/handling.

Item PriceSearch/Agency Cost
Up to 30,000円10,000円
30,001円〜100,000円30% of Item Price
100,001~300,000円20% of Item Price
Over 300,001円15% of Item Price


・ We do not accept returns or refunds after we've located/confirmed purchase of the product.

・ Tax will be charged separately.

-TokyoMTG's Agency purchase / Search service-

If this is a service that piques your interest, please let us know with the contact form below!

Be sure to let us know what it is you're looking for, and your budget, and we will be able to handle everything smoothly for you.