Community Guide

A community is born when people with similar interests can come together as a group and even call each other friends.

TokyoMTG supports it's community of those who wish to share their interests and connect with others through the power of Magic: The Gathering.

In addition to setting up a server for our online community on the video and call application, Discord, we plan to implement various services in-store as well in the future.

Discord: Join the TokyoMTG Discord Server here!

The TokyoMTG Community

The TokyoMTG community can't really be explained in just a single word. It's a community where you can chat with all sorts of people, join in loads of different events and sometimes even join a pizza party! It's a community that embraces each Magic format and holds tournaments for all of them. There's an art focused section of our community as well, where you can come participate in our varied art events, meet and connect with all sorts of new, like-minded people. We have a great English-speaking community where anyone, including Japanese people, can come and communicate in English!

There are so many things to do in the TokyoMTG community!

We look forward to seeing you at some of our events in the future! So join our TokyoMTG Community Discord server, speak with a staff member online or in store!

We wish to continue to grow our community and your participation is essential in doing that; we are nothing without our amazing community! So let's make some new friends, play some Magic and have fun!