◆Artist Proof Auction Time
 6/26(Wed) 12:00 PM JST Start Time ~ 6/30(Sunday) 9:30 PM JST End time
 ※Any bids made within the final 5 minutes will extend the auction 5 additional minutes

◆How to Bid
 Enter your maximum bid in the “Bid” field under the item you’d like to bid on.
  (Bids must be made in increments of 1000 yen)
  ※A TokyoMTG account will be required for bidding. You can sign up here.

◆How to Pay
 Winning bids can pay in-store, via Bank Transfer, or with Paypal.
  ※Payments for winning bids must be made within 3days of the auction end.
  Unpaid bids will be cancelled and the next-highest bidder will be chosen as the winner.

◆Shipping method
 Within Japan: Free Tracked shipping within Japan.
 Overseas: Shipping will be charged separately and paid for by the winner.

◆Please Note:
This auction and raffle sales are strictly forbidden for the purpose of re-sale,
 We strictly prohibit the purchase of items for the purpose of resale.
 If we determine that there is a concern that an item is being purchased for the purpose of resale, we will cancel your order and suspend your registration.
 We may refuse all future orders, or take legal action if necessary.

 In the event that the Company determines that the auction function is not operating properly due to a system malfunction, etc,
 the auction may be cancelled or rescheduled. Please understand this beforehand.

For any other inquiries, please use the "Inquiry Form" on the web page.

Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord

The high bid is: 81,000 JPY

The auction has ended.