TokyoMTG Entrance Package

It's time to dive into the wonderful fantasy world of Magic!

Magic The Gathering is the definitive Trading card game, with over 40 million players worldwide.

TokyoMTG's Entrance Package is full of wonders!

Whether or not you've played Magic or aren't familiar where to begin with a collectable trading card game, TokyoMTG's Entrance Package is all you need to get started!


You can play right out of the box!

The balance all the sets has been adjusted so that it can be used as it is as a 100-card deck. Purchasing 2 at the same time will get you a 3,000 yen discount! You can pick up and play right away with friends and family.

Cue, Collecting Magic!

The packages contain everything needed to start your collection, with cards from all over the rich history of Magic. From well known staples of the game to unique ones aimed to spark interest. If you come to find a card you like most in the set, you can begin your search for more to match!

Fully Customizable

There are so many ways to play Magic, so you're bound to find your favorite way to play. The Entrance Package has various possibilities, you can add cards to enhance a theme you like, changing it to a Commander deck, capable of battling with 4 other friends, or splitting a single package into two 50 card decks! The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy the best Fantasy art!

The Art in Magic will draw you into a new world of magic and fantasy, and will truly capture your imagination.

Collecting isn't always about playing the game. You can enjoy the wonderful art the cards have to offer as well.


Including the 100 cards in the package, you'll be provided everything needed to start your journey with Magic: The Gathering.

Two booster packs from recent sets of Magic.

Booster packs include random cards from available Magic sets.

You can further customize your Entrance package if you're playing, by adding cards you open from the booster packs!

Opening packs is one of the real thrills of all Trading card games, Magic included.

KMC Sleeves

Popular worldwide, and made here in Japan, these card sleeves will protect your cards from damage or wear while playing with them, and is a staple in any collection of cards.

A 500円 coupon for your next purchase with TokyoMTG to enhance your package further. (Available for any purchases over 5,000円)

We want to support anyone who purchases these packages in expanding their card collection.

Online Support

Our staff will offer support online for your play and enjoyment of the game.

Our staff are passionate about Magic and will be happy to answer questions, or explain products to those who wish!


Get your TokyoMTG Entrance Package today, and start your journey into the wonderful world of Magic: The Gathering.

Entrance Package Contents

・100 card deck
・Information Pamphlet
・Special storage case
・2 Booster Packs (Zendikar Rising, and Magic 2021)
・Life Counter dice
・A Coupon for your next purchase with TokyoMTG
・A specialized Art Card
・Online Support


Purchase 2 for the special price of 5,000 yen each!