Criteria for Grading/Assessment

TokyoMTG keeps customers in mind when determining grading and card assessments.

For an easier time purchasing and selling, we've simplified the grading method we use.

As a result, grading and pricing is quicker and easier to understand! Understanding the condition differences will make understanding the price differences very easy.

TokyoMTG uses 2 grading standards. Regular (REG) and Played (PLD).

Played cards are assessed at 60-70% of the Regular card value.

However, if there is further damage (Creases, water damage, ink, tear, etc) it is not considered Played, and the purchase price is usually 30-50% of the Regular price.

Grading Examples

1. Regular (REG) Cards

Regular includes cards in good condition with no scratches, chips, nicks, rubs, stains, etc.


As you can see, there are nearly no marks or scratches on both the front and back of the card.

2. Played (PLD) Cards

Cards that have slight scratches, chips, small marks or very light shuffle wear, etc. Anything immediately noticable by a player as played.


You can see multiple white "nicks" and spots on the edges of the card.

Example) Dirt/rubbing

There are noticable scratches and markings.

3. Creases, Water Damage, Inked cards

Included are cards that are considered "Sleeve Playable" but have noticable creasing, water damage, or border ink.

Example) Creasing

It's clear the top border is creased/bent on this card.

All of the above images are examples of some of the ways we proceed with grading and assessing cards. If you have further questions about condition or pricing please ask the person grading your cards during the purchase.