Welcome to the Magical World of Art

MTG Art is full of impressive pieces of art. Hundreds of original pieces are done every year, by world-renowned artists to bring us new worlds and planes to discover. These artists work with all sorts of mediums, using digital software and some even use oils and acrylics; it all depends on the artist and the piece itself. The many fantasy worlds of MTG have been brought to life by these magnificent works of art. With each new year, comes a new world and atmosphere to enjoy and explore.

TokyoMTG has connections with popular artists from around the world and operates the world's first permanent MTG Art Gallery here in Tokyo. There are so many ways to enjoy the wonders of MTG, and outside of playing, we believe that art is the best way to get involved. Collecting your favorite art, decorating your home with pieces, or even simply viewing art at a gallery, there are truly endless ways to enjoy MTG Art.

Artists and fans alike can come interact with one another during our regular in-store art events. We also offer a wide variety of art products, from affordable art prints to one of a kind original works; so explore every corner and enjoy MTG art however you choose! If you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. Our supportive staff loves all things MTG and would love nothing more than to work together with you to enhance your hobby!