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Purchasing Details

TokyoMTG will buy YOUR single cards!

For a great way to get a little extra cash for cards you're not using, Look no further!

For selling cards to us, you have 4 options!

You can choose from Online Selling and In-store selling, then, depending on the selection you can sell or price individual cards, or a whole collection!

Individual Pricing (Price each card separately) Full Collection Assessment
Online Selling
(Sell by Mail)

Online - Individual Pricing

Selling process

Online - Collection Assessment

Selling Process
Store Selling

In-store - Individual Pricing

Selling Process

In-store - Collection Assessment

Selling Process

Online Selling / In-store Selling

For selling your cards online, you can pack up your cards and the required documents and send them straight to us, without the hassle of having to go to the store.

For selling your cards in-store, you can choose to receive cash or points, which can be immediately used to get cards you want from our inventory! Our experienced buyers can also discuss pricing and selling decisions to you directly.

Individual Pricing / Collection Assessment

Individual Pricing will have your cards individually priced by our professional buyers, so you can decide if those prices are what you'd like.

Collection assessment is a faster process that allows you to sell your entire collection without having to price and select each card individually.

You'll get one total price for your collection. This is recommended when you want to sell lots of cards!

Before submitting a request, be sure to check the specific method's details for all the information!

Whether you're new to selling Magic cards, or a veteran at scouring our buylist, you can rest assured!

You can see our full buylist and the steps we use to price and grade cards from the links below.

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The Wandering Emperor
Japanese Version
Kaito Shizuki
Japanese Version
The Wandering Emperor
Japanese Version
The Wandering Emperor
English Version
Boseiju, Who Endures
English Version