The Sound of Silence

I remember prepping for my first prerelease Urza’s Destiny back in June of 1999. I was 12, hopping on the family computer, getting on AOL and downloading a text file of all the cards in the set in anticipation of what my friends and I were going to see. This photo below is what previews looked like back then; if you were lucky you could find some grainy photos on a forum somewhere on the internet.

We’ve come a long way, but there’s always been something special in that moment where you get to see something for the very first time. That’s the magic of preview season for a new Magic: The Gathering set: the thrill of the unknown. Not knowing what cards are going to be good, bad, just okay, or format breaking; it’s nothing but potential.
If you haven’t guessed yet, I have a preview card for you all from War of the Spark. My original thought was to compare it to other cards with a similar visual. The crazy thing was that as far as I can tell this is a first of its kind. Spoiler alert: it’s a Vehicle.

Now Vehicles have been around as a card type since Kaladesh, but I looked and found flying machines, ships, trains, automobiles, the odd mecha, and even transforming galleons. I even found skyships capable of traveling between planes, but I couldn’t find any instance of a submarine, even non-Vehicle card types, in the 25 year history of Magic... until now.

Let’s introduce you to Silent Submarine.

Art by Daniel Ljunggren

Yup, that’s definitely a submarine. With the setting being Ravnica, the coloring in the painting, and the submarine having some very biological elements to it, I’m guessing this is a Simic vehicle. Are the ruins it’s passing over underwater from Bolas’ attack or is that just a natural part of Ravnica’s changing cityscape? For being a painting of a submarine there’s a lot to look into around it as we move into a Ravnica we aren’t used to in this painting by Daniel Ljunggren.

Silent Submarine UU
Artifact- Vehicle
Whenever Silent Submarine deals combat damage to a player or planeswalker, draw a card.
Crew 2
2 /3

In addition to having the first submarine, War of the Spark is the first set to have Vehicle cards with colored mana in its casting cost. Silent Submarine is the first Blue Vehicle. This is also the first Vehicle to have a trigger from combat specific to players and planeswalkers, and with the abundance of planeswalkers in War of the Spark, I imagine this ability won’t be that hard to trigger.
I know I’ll be happy to open one of these at my prerelease. How about you? Are you excited to play this in your decks? Did I miss any submarines in Magic’s past? Let me know on twitter @propsofprophecy!